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There was a time when gay dating was an IRL affair, based around your local gay bar or well known cruising spot. Now, finding a guy usually.

Also Read: But the backlash has already begun to mount.

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In its first public comments about the controversy, a Logo spokesperson told TheWrap: We look forward to taking viewers on a journey of the human spirit in search of love. I was young and it helped through college. I was in a boy band. But Curry suggested even that reeked of insensitivity.

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ShortList Equality for all — even rentboys! Is he MY ideal Prince Charming? Hell no! Share This Story.

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Lance Bass Will Host TV’s First Gay Reality Dating Show

Share Tweet. Kinja is in read-only mode. In any one episode, you can have a screaming match, a teary confession, a dramatic reveal, an instantly classic catchphrase, and a truly edifying, even inspiring, moment. If it wanted to be a gay Bachelor , guess what? Whether we wanted it to be or not. And we, as a rule, are very sensitive about how we are portrayed in the media—for good reason, namely, decades of being murderers, best friends, and living scenery on film and on TV.

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While shows like The Bachelor and Bachelorette can show contestants in a terrible light, the light always has to be slightly more flattering in a gay version. Which drains all the fun out of a reality show.

Any reality show that feels to scripted or too contrived has already failed. A great reality show should never treat its subjects like sacred cows, nor should it be mean-spirited or overly exploitative. So what else makes a great reality show? Besides great editing, you need a great cast—a cast that gets it, full of people who have a sense of self-awareness but a lack of self-consciousness. Gay men can find it difficult being unself-conscious because our lives are often spent being very conscious and guarded about something that sets us apart, fueling a need to conceal it.

Drag Race finds a neat way around this, as the drag alter egos of its contestants—as well as their ceremonial, and deeply symbolic, shedding of the makeup after each challenge—provide a sort of mirror to the truth. Painting and subsequently peeling away at the layers of their makeup finds the queens at their most vulnerable and their most philosophic. Just think of Dorian Corey, sitting eternal at her vanity in Paris Is Burning , espousing truth after truth after truth.

But the queens also get what the show is, they know the formulas, and they know their roles.