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There was a time when gay dating was an IRL affair, based around your local gay bar or well known cruising spot. Now, finding a guy usually.

Would you ever do it, and what do you think of its rise in gay adult films? I think the focus should be on education and access to resources in our communities rather than condemning porn companies and models that decide to do bareback. Yes, I realize there is still risk involved and that PrEP is not a replacement for condoms, but I think that is a personal choice I should be able to make without moral condemnation.

I was gonna ask you about Truvada. What do you think of it? We need every tool at our disposal. What do you make of government having this kind of control over an industry? Well, government is involved in all economic activity, but I think many of the regulations of the sex industry—not just the mandatory condoms law—are poor governing.

Porn companies are abandoning California in droves and the state is driving billions of dollars out of its economy. Has that been an issue for you?

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I know people outside of porn that have much more sex than I do. It just so happens that sometimes my sex gets filmed and I get paid for it. You have performed as both a bottom and top, but do you have a preference in your personal life? I definitely prefer performing as a bottom. Performing as a top is so physically demanding. Plus, I put a lot of work into my legs and ass and want to see them put to good use.

I tend to go through phases, though. Essentially, it just depends on chemistry. Do you have a boyfriend now?

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What do you look for? I do not have and have never had a boyfriend. There are no particular qualities I look for in a partner. Looking for specific qualities and comparing every potential partner to some abstract ideal, I think, can be limiting. I try to be open-minded and just go with the flow. Of course, I have certain characteristics and physical attributes toward which I tend to gravitate, but I am not exclusively seeking out these things.

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Is there any type of performance in porn that you absolutely will NOT do? Sean Zevran ]. Some heads are exploding because of that comment. Not mine though he makes some good points on the subject. I never took the discussion about G4P about jobs — it was about the hetero-normative roles and homophobic connotations from it. That straight guys only top. You are getting paid to do this work, just like the gay guys, and they never complain about not being attracted to scene partners which is common in porn.

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Personality is irrelevant, if the model does hard work and makes a serious effort. Uh…gay porn actors complain about their scene partners. And plenty G4P str8 porn actors do bottom. Never mind. I like making fun of idiots like you who leave comments on the Internet. Your name and id was created just days ago. This tells me you lack balls, and that you could be one of the few people in the industry who visit blogs to leave comments with different alias. You are pathetic. Discuss which is used on multiple sites, which only requires one login has a retrieve function.

Nice convenient excuse though. In ? In California alone? When one accounts for how much money the companies, the employees themselves and their families spend in the economy, and then you take that cash-flow out of the economy, yes, the government is driving billions of dollars out of the economy when it causes an industry to pick up and move states. Thanks for engaging in this discussion. How many people are in the Californian porn industry? Are we sure that there are more staff and crew working in the industry than there are models?

Especially since the virtual disappearance of physical distribution of porn. Still sounds like some nice bit of lobbying power-play to me.

Sean Zevran Responds To ‘Left Magazine’ Publisher: ‘Not Every Escort Is Some Uneducated Bottom’

It varies, of course. He was most certainly practicing an illegal profession. Prostitution is illegal, rentboys and their clients knew that it was illegal when they did it. Good luck with that! Ruff Ruff!

These Two Their Enjoy Scruff! Of Course They Were.

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