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There was a time when gay dating was an IRL affair, based around your local gay bar or well known cruising spot. Now, finding a guy usually.


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Silva sought to find out more about these men, so he recruited 19 from men-for-men casual-encounters boards on Craigslist and interviewed them, for about an hour and a half each, about their sexual habits, lives, and senses of identity. It provides them with their fundamental sense of self; it structures how they understand the world around them; and it influences how they codify sameness and difference.

In some of the subcultures Ward studied, straight MSM were able to reinterpret homosexual identity as actually strengthening their heterosexual identities. One way they did so was by seeking out partners who were similar to them. In other words: As Juzwiak put it: But still: Before we continue, I solemnly swear that this is all factually correct and not at all a made-up account playing off the stereotypes I have encountered when asked these questions.

Nothing quite gets you in the mood for bum fun more than a lace-front wig and a cocktail in the Interior Illusions Lounge. Once the lip sync is over, we take things into the bedroom and really move things up a gear But if you want extra brownie points, then a diva number from the likes of Mariah or Whitney will take you far.

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While straight people rip clothes off in the throes of passion, gay men stand side by side and remove each article of clothing with care and grace. Followed by a shower of glitter that rains down on us to bind us together in gay sex forever. Share On facebook Share On facebook Share.