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There was a time when gay dating was an IRL affair, based around your local gay bar or well known cruising spot. Now, finding a guy usually.

All these factors have increased the visibility of and improved access to what has been a highly stigmatised activity for client and sex worker alike. And while sections of the industry have expanded, notably online escorting, older sectors such as street work have experienced significant decline in Western contexts see UK inquiry into prostitution.

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However, these estimates are likely to vary between countries. A Foundation Scelles report estimates the number of sex workers worldwide at about 42 million, with about 8 million thought to be men. Some interesting and consistent observations about the male sex industry have emerged.

Male sex workers are, generally speaking, more likely than female sex workers to initiate contact with clients electronically and to work as private escorts rather than in a brothel-based environment. Male sex workers working in the online environment, generally speaking, have been found to enter the paid sex industry voluntarily and to work independently. Our research shows that globally there were , male escort profiles online worldwide. Sixty-one countries had websites listing male escorts from their countries, with an average of 10 male escorts websites per country.

Some countries had a much higher number of websites listing male escorts than others, with a range from one to forty-two. It is important to note that a number of websites that included escort profiles from around the world, such as Rentmen and Hourboy, were often hosted in countries where sex work was legal and these websites were among the largest overall.

Regionally, South and Central America account for the highest number For example, in jurisdictions where sex work and homosexuality are criminalised, using online platforms to market services may be problematic, because the identification of the escort is revealed through information sharing.

Operating such sites may violate law, as evidenced via the Rentboy. Of the countries with the highest concentration of male sex work profiles on the internet see Table , same-sex relations were not criminalised in the following countries: In China, Japan, Singapore, Taiwan, and the United States, either homosexuality or prostitution is legal or restricted.

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While it has been assumed that male clientele are the primary market for male escorts, our survey suggests there is a smaller but significant market for female clients who engage with paid sexual services with men. Table 1 also shows that the clientele by gender varied.


As expected, there were about two times more male escorts for men 72, than for women or couples 32, The top ten countries with the largest number of male escorts for women and couples were in order: Mexico 14, , Brazil , the U. A number of factors may explain the variability between jurisdictions. For example, in Mexico, sex work and same sex relations are legal, its in close proximity to the United States, it has relatively low rates for hiring escorts, and the Latino sexual culture may provide an attraction.

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Latin American and Western European countries feature prominently on the list, accounting for The results also reveal that the United Kingdom had more male escorts seeking female and couples clients than male escorts seeking male clients, as did Uganda and Argentina.

Other countries with a higher percentage of escorts for women and couples in the country included: Chile There are some limitations of the website survey worth noting. The numbers are almost certainly an under-representation of male escorts. The year-old male escort, who goes by the username AussieMaleEscort, took to Reddit to invite people to ask him anything they wanted about his job.

14 brutally honest answers from male prostitute's Reddit AMA

In a post, he wrote: There have been over comments from people and he offers honest - and rather detailed - responses to questions. The Australian native, who now lives in London, describes himself on his website as being brown-haired and blue-eyed. He is bisexual, 6'4" and has a toned and athletic body, according to his self-description. When akashsphs asked: He explains that he became an escort around 10 years ago and felt more exploited when he had an office job where he worked for a big corporation.

Confessions of a male escort

Prostitution is legal in the UK, where he lives, but it is still illegal in the vast majority of the United States. This, he says, makes it difficult for sex workers there to seek the help of law enforcement when they are victims of crimes like rape, robbery and assault.

Men For Sale: Life as a male sex worker in Britain - BBC News

It is, he says, "more difficult to advertise as an independent and to operate from ones own premises so it puts more money and control into the hands of pimps, brothels etc. When asked if he is still able to have sex for his own personal enjoyment, he explained that he does. He wrote: A Reddit user asked the escort whether he enjoys what he does and how much he charges per client.

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He admitted that he loves his unconventional job. Regarding prices, he says: I charge double those rates in Dubai. He admits that some clients do "fall in love" with him and that it makes things quite awkward. He revealed that they often say: The best he can do, he says, is: I love spending time with you.

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He said he has lost lots of his regular clients because they couldn't handle having feelings for him and knowing they wouldn't be reciprocated. Due to his profession, he has been unable to tell his family what he does "because they'd worry. He explained: When asked if there was anything he refused to do, AussieMaleEscort admitted: Sharing some of the best perks of his job, he said he has "met lots of interesting people, had some experiences, travelled a lot and made lots of money.

He concluded: New Zealand Herald. Sign into your NZ Herald. On the go and no time to finish that story right now?